St Paul's Church

All around the World, there are a number of churches names “St. Paul’s” and you may be wondering why this is.

As this website had lay dormant for a while, I intend to provide a little more information about St Paul. Obviously, we hope that this website will continue to grow and provide a valuable resource but in the meantime, there is a brief description of Saint Paul below and some links to more information further down the page.

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Image of Saint Paul

Saint Paul was, on the road from Damascus, converted from Judaism. Following his baptism and before heading to Arabia, he spent a few days in Damascus. Once he had finished his preparations, whilst in Arabia for his later missionary work, he returned to Damascus. He was forced to flee to Jerusalem as he had become somewhat hated by the Jewish population of Damascus due to him preaching. Paul and Barnabus soon undertook their first journey of missionary work and were successful in setting up new churches in various places within Asia including Derbe and Lystra. Further information about Saint Paul can be found on Wikipedia and also on

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